Wednesday, 22 October 2014


So, my internet has been down for around a month, and I feel like I've fully neglected this blog just as I've got it up and running! I apologise for my absence, but I'm back now... for the foreseeable future, as we're actually moving house next week!

To make up for my absence I'm going to be doing an interview of sorts with the wonderful Belle Jorden make up artist, who has recently begun her journey into the wonderful world of professional make up artistry, and is already phenomenal at what she does... so keep your eyes peeled here to see more of that!

I'll also be doing a few spotlights on products I adore, new discoveries as well as old favourites, and things I've got my eye on purchasing but haven't yet had the chance to. I've had a month packed full of shopping and lusting after products I can't afford, so my next few posts should be chock full of products!

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