I get asked many things from running this blog, to save you the effort of sending me an email, I've put together a little FAQ covering all things from my hair, what I've been wearing, my beauty regime and where exactly Illuminoire came from. Thanks go to Emma from milkteef for helping me with the questions, go check out her blog too. Enjoy! 

Where did you get the name for your blog from and can you think of one for mine?

Illuminoire was born from a good few hours of finding words I like the sound of and fusing them together, to make something unique and that I liked. It's actually a combination of the english 'Illuminate' and french 'noir' for black. It means to light up the darkness; a take on how I'm not your average girl running a blog, for example, my music, fashion and make-up tastes are often a little darker than most. I've also recently discovered that my friend Vanessa has rebranded her jewellery store with the name Luminoir, so we go hand in hand pretty well, and through complete coincidence!

What's your name?
Cheri! Although I go by many nicknames, none of which I love, including; Chezza, Cheryl, Cheraldine, Cherington....most of these are given to me by my slightly odd boyfriend, and get more ridiculous by the day.

How old are you?
Obviously the longer I have this blog, the older I will get! But at the moment, I'm 23, turning 24 on the 30th September, and I was born in 1990.

How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What's your size?
I'm 5'4, no clue at all how much I weigh as I was taught a long time ago that the way your body looks does not correspond with the numbers on the scales, but I fit a size 14/16 depending on brand, and size six shoes.

What's your skin care routine?
I try to take my make-up off before I go to sleep, but sometimes (rarely!!) I really just forget after a night out, My skin is really prone to getting dry though, so I moisturise regularly, and drinking lots of water really does help, too. I also exfoliate every morning.

How do you get your hair so bright?
My hair goes through periods of being really dry at the ends, I really wouldn't recommend the way I change my hair colour to anyone as the maintenance afterwards is hell!
But, if you're desperate for bright hair, use Jerome Russell BBlonde sachets to get it light, and then thoroughly rinse, shampoo and condition that. Wait until your hair is naturally dry, then apply Directions hair pots to the bits you want bright. Do it on dry hair, not wet as the Directions packets suggest, and it will take easier. If you want to make any of the Directions colours more pastel, just mix them with conditioner, and leave them on for longer. Use plenty of conditioning treatments, leave-in products and similar after doing this to repair your hair, and you may need to trim the damaged ends from the bleach.

What nail polishes do you use?
Honestly, I have a bit of an addiction. An old friend once referred to me as a polish magpie; as soon as I see one, I need to own it! My favourites right now though are the ever trusty OPI, Revlon's 60 second formula series, and I like to go on Instagram and find lots of independent nail polish creators, too!

How do you do your eyebrows?
Honestly, I swear by Urban Decay's Brow Box. At £19 it is a little more on the expensive side for eyebrows, but there's absolutely everything you need in there, and the wax formula in particular is perfect. 

Where do you usually shop?
You'll notice I post about everything I'm wearing and where I got it from, no matter how long ago, at the bottom of any blog post where you can see my clothes, or in any polyvore outfit 'want' lists. If you search my blog for 'fashion' you'll be able to see all of these posts, as I shop in a variety of different places!

How can I get you to review/advertise my product?
If you drop me an e-mail at illuminoireuk@gmail.com we can discuss pricing, advertising etc. However I feel it's important to state that any products I receive for review purposes will be reviewed with my honest opinion. Similarly I'll only agree to advertising if I feel it fits with the theme and content of Illuminoire. If I receive products I promise to give them a fair trialling period, and include them in contests and giveaways when scheduled and if possible (for example, consumables such as nail transfers, small product samples etc. wouldn't be a possibility). If there's anything I've not answered here, or if you need anything else answering, just e-mail me.

If my FAQ doesn't cover your query, feel free to leave me a comment, e-mail me or get in touch via the contact page!

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