Sunday, 14 September 2014

Wishlist: Birthday

I'm really loving Polyvore at the moment for getting inspiration for things to wear, and as it's my birthday coming up at the end of the month I'm trying to plan what to wear out. I already own these amazing boots, which were only £30 from - and the best bargain I've had in a while, as they're really comfortable. I'm loving chunky boots at the moment, as I tend to struggle in more stiletto type heels. I've also paired this slightly pricey, but gorgeous necklace which is £33 from French Connection, with an adorable little floaty chiffon baby blue dress, which is £23 from - a site which I've only just discovered, but will definitely be investigating further if they have these types of things on offer. The reason I've paired these is, due to my own style, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing more feminine heels and accessories with this type of dress, and I think the darker, chunky accessories really set the dress off! What would you pair it with, post your Polyvore links in the comments below.

I'll also be trying out this nail style at some point this week and posting my results so wish me luck! I'm not particularly seasoned with nail art so hopefully it won't be too much of a catastrophe.


  1. i love using pollyvore as well. you can create so many collections on there. i do love the layout of your blog. keep up the good work and feel free to visit my blog :)


    1. Sorry for the super delayed reply Sammy, I promise I wasn't deliberately being ignorant! Thank you for your kind comments about my layout, I promise I'm back for good now :D


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