Hello, I'm Cheri, and as of the 10th September 2014 I now go by the alias of Illuminoire. I set up this page to fuel my passion for beauty, fashion and other everyday things I come across, as well as to fulfill my need for a creative outlet. I already review music and festivals, but the more girly side of me fancied setting up this blog so, here we are.

I'm open to receiving submissions to review your products, events, or anything else you think would suitably fit on Illuminoire, simply use my contact page to drop me an e-mail.

Please feel free to follow me on the various social networks I try and make my presence known, suggest blogs to me to read, suggest features you'd like to see, tutorials you can't find anywhere, or simply just say hello and let me know you're reading - I'd love to put faces to blog statistics!

Alongside blogging I work in the music industry; which sounds glamorous but really means I spend more time online than is humanly acceptable, but I'm always hearing of fantastic new artists. This inevitably means I'm going to end up gushing over them on here sometimes, no matter how hard I try to keep my content relevant! 

The rare time I spend away from the internet is spent with my lovely boyfriend Cal, and our three kittens - Lucipurr, Princess Fluffybutt & Tiny Tina. Quite why we thought it would be a good idea to get three kittens is an absolute mystery... the little organisation we have has gone right out the window, but I wouldn't change them for the world.

You can find my various social media links at the side of the page over there <-- or on my contact page, which is linked along the top, up there ^.

In the meantime, thank you for clicking through to Illuminoire, have a read through, leave me some comments, and enjoy yourself  (as much as someone checking out a blog can have). 

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