Monday, 8 December 2014

Treating Yourself at Christmas...

Christmas can be a difficult time, especially to fit in some much needed pampering sessions, and thinking about yourself. Don't get me wrong, I adore the festive period, and love shopping for gifts for my loved ones, but sometimes you just need an early night to yourself to de-stress, and thoroughly concentrate on yourself. Occasionally we can forget to indulge ourselves, because we're so worried about pleasing others as it gets closer and closer to Christmas Day.

This is exactly why I've put together a post on five things you can find on eBay at the moment for under £10 each - after all, it's the month where most of us end up spending the most money! So relax, click away, and hopefully you'll find at least one thing in my little collection of personal indulgences that you can treat yourselves to absolutely guilt free.

1 - At just 99p with FREE postage, these statement necklaces are an absolute steal. They may not be the highest quality items you're flashing over the festive period, but teamed with an adorable little black dress and a pair of heels, they'll be the perfect finishing touches to your office christmas party outfit. I particularly love the silver one, for some reason it just seems more festive to me. 

I don't know about anybody else but when the Avon catalogue gets dropped on my doorstep I'm always trying to find an excuse to splash out, especially on the gift sets and pamper kits which they always have in there. This Avon Planet Spa Luxury Mini Gift Set is on eBay for £5.10 instead of the usual £12 so I think it's more than justifiable that I treat myself to one finally! This particular one includes the African Shea Butter and Chocolate Truffle Silky Body Souffle, the Dead Sea Minerals Caviar Refining Facial Treatment, the Mediterranean Olive Oil Gold Face Elixir and the Thailand Lotus Flower Champagne Luxurious Bath Elixir, so it works out at a little over £1 per product. Tell me that isn't fantastic value for amazing skincare products? I can't wait for mine to arrive and I'll be doing a review on the products too, when they get here!

When the nights start drawing in, as they definitely have here up north, with the sun only managing to last until about 3.30pm before it begins getting dark, I try to do things to keep my mind occupied and resist just crashing in front of my laptop for a long evening of work. One thing that's really helpful as well as productive is baking, and I spotted these gorgeous festive themed cookie cutters whilst browsing online recently. At only 99p you can grab a selection and really go to town on the decorating... I'll definitely be getting a few more to add to my collection at this price!

There is absolutely nothing more indulgent than smacking some fleecy pyjama bottoms on with a vest top in front of the fire and pampering yourself with some brand new nail varnishes! These Paul's boutique varnish gift sets are only £5.49 which, for the quality of them and the fact that you get three, is a fantastic steal. I already own three pairs of these pyjama bottoms, and I'm not even ashamed to admit I'm currently wearing some! They're so comfortable and at £8.49 I don't feel guilty for owning so many different designs. In fact, it took more than a little self control to not pick up another pair when I was searching for the link to include in this post.

Remember, Christmas is amazing for spoiling your loved ones, but don't forget to kick back in your comfy clothes, bake some comfort food, pamper yourself and enjoy being a little selfish for an hour or two. Hopefully my budget finds will assist you in this festive period... I know I'm already getting my money's worth out of mine! How do you relax in the hectic run-up to Christmas Day? Do you find yourself compromising your own enjoyment because you're worrying too much about pleasing your friends and family over the festive period? Any relaxation tips would be wonderful!

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