Sunday, 14 September 2014

Old Favourites: Urban Decay's Brow Box

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Urban Decay; a lot of my make-up collection seems to be branded with those beautiful UD initials. But at the beginning of the year I discovered a product which I have fallen in love with more and more with each use. The formula is absolutely perfect. Urban Decay do their Brow Box in two shades; Honey Pot and Brown Sugar. I bought the Brown Sugar shade, as it's a little darker and I like my eyebrows to look a little more defined.

This is just a photo I found on the lovely Abigal of Shrinking Wallet's blog, as I seem to have misplaced my camera battery charger, which is annoying as I also can't use any photos of just how good this looks on my eyebrows, or any swatches. I promise to get a replacement charger soon though!

I think I love this set because there's just everything you need, right there in one two tiered perfect little brow box. This one in the photo is actually slightly different to mine as it's the older version. The revamped version has the eyebrow wax, and both powders on the top level, with a brush for the powders, a brush for the wax, and a teeny little set of tweezers in the bottom level, which also features a magnifying mirror on one level and a normal mirror on the other. Perfect!

I'm still yet to try out the more striking, crisp eyebrows you'd get if you just used pencils, but this softer, more casual yet still very defined look I achieve with the Urban Decay Brow Box works fine with me. I've found it particularly useful for filling in any parts you may have too eagerly tweezed away.

Urban Decay have many stockists, but I bought my set from for £19

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