Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Winter Wishlist

I seem to be posting so many of these over on my Polyvore account - if you're interested in looking at more my username on there is Illuminoire, too.
Winter Wishlist

This one is something I'll actually be trying my hardest to get my hands on, although some things are unfortunately way out of of my price range. I definitely will be buying the cream fur coat and the black dress though, they're my favourites and were the first two which I added to the wishlist.

A break down of them is as follows:

The black dress is from Bank actually, and is an absolute steal at £20.

The cream fur coat is from Asos, and is £59.50 reduced from £72... even more incentive for me to buy it!

The studded Doc Martens are from and are £135.

The bag which is absolutely gorgeous is a huge £1560 from Valentino, which makes it far, far too expensive for me at this point in my life. That's over three months rent for me!

The black and gold chain bracelet is under £5 from Forever 21, but the necklace which accompanies it so well is £335, also rendering it an impossible purchase for me, for now!

I am really tempted by the black and gold iPhone 5S cover for £37 from Herve Leger.

The black headband which I think would be an adorable addition to any outfit is from Etsy, and comes to around £19 when the currency is converted. If anyone knows of anywhere or anyone I can get something similar for a little cheaper in the UK, please let me know in the comments because I've fallen in love with this one, and my bank balance is in serious danger right now.

The adorable furry mittens are also from Etsy for £26, and I definitely need them! They're cute yet the dark colours make them completely suited to my style. I must own them!

So guys, you know, as it's Christmas soon, feel free to put absolutely any of these items in the post to me. I'll probably jump up and down with glee! I'm completely kidding, but a girl can dream...

What items have you seen recently that you absolutely must have? Wouldn't it be great if the credit card fairy came and gave us all an infinite credit limit, with no expectation of being repaid.... 


  1. nice list :)

  2. I'm loving everything you've featured!!! Gorgeous items :)

    Layla xx

  3. Thanks Layla! I love your blog :) xo


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