Saturday, 13 December 2014

Avon Haul!

I was incredibly misbehaved this past week and spoilt myself with lots and lots of goodies from Avon. I also treated my partner to some Star Wars goodies he spotted in there, but I have to admit as we speak I've currently adopted the slippers.... they're just so warm and cosy!

First on the list were a handful of new nail varnishes to treat myself with. I love the Avon Gel finish range because they've got such a shine to them, and dry really flawless for a really affordable price. The Stardust range pictured either side of that I hadn't tried, but as soon as they arrived I had to give them a go. I'm now rocking dark purple sparkly nails, and the photos just do not do it justice, they're beautiful. Here's one of the better pictures I got, but every time my fingers move they glitter and sparkly so radiantly! Definitely one of my favourite purchases and I'll be buying more shades in the next catalogue. 

I really can't stress how in need of storage our house is. We're desperately searching for an affordable wardrobe or chest of drawers to add to the bedroom, because between the two of us we just have so many clothes, accessories, and I think we have a slight addiction to blankets, throws and cushions too! So I was delighted when I spotted these adorable little owl hooks. We're going to do a tiny bit of DIY and colour their red parts in purple, as that's the colour scheme of our bedroom, but they're so cute and practical I just couldn't say no!

I also got a little festive and picked up this bubble bath which smells gorgeously of spiced apple and cinammon. Glade actually do a candle which  is the exact same scent, and it's just heavenly, so when I spotted this I just had to have it! The cute snowman packaging is just the icing on the cake, too.

Apologies if this photo is a little small, I tried to fit the remainder of my very naughty shopping spree in but I failed miserably, as I completely forgot most of the skin and hair products I picked up too! At the top there's a cream highlighter which comes in a really handy twist-click applicatior with brush attached, as well as a heavenly under eye roll on highlighter. I've had one of these before and used it until it was completely empty, and it's always my policy that if I finish something, don't replace it within two weeks and I still miss it, it's justifiable to replace it. So that's exactly what I've done! 
I also got new colour corrector and BB creams, a super hydrating balm to nourish my skin over night, some leave in argan oil treatment and a new purse, because my other one was just looking way too unhealthy! I'd had it about six years and it was genuinely beginning to be more brown than flower patterned, so it was time to say goodbye. I love the simplicity of this new one and the studs really make it suited to my personal style, too.

What have you been treating yourselves on recently?

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